About Us

Clipotter is a video editing service provider ,  where you can upload at least 10 images in a song  and can make videos in few seconds . We call the video generated from our website as “Clipot”. Before creating any Clipot , you can see a demo video and to have a rough idea about how the Clipot would look like . You can make Clipots free or by paying a nominal amount per video basis. Charges of Clipots may vary , so check the price before purchasing.

Service Catalog

We have lots of Clipot generator ,You are set to go and make your Clipot , all you need to do is –

Step 1

Select the Song

Step 2

Upload Images

Step 3

Pay for it (if any)

Step 4

Download the video

We will make ample of Clipot generator and follow the trend to give you the best service from our end. The price of the products may vary so kindly check the price before purchasing . Most of the Clipot will be except for the premium ones .


Clipotter is a small start up with very few people in the team and we are currently looking to expand our vision and growth.

To know more about us read the privacy policy click here.